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What is Arduino?

Arduino is a board with a microcontroller, basically a miniature computer. They can run simple software programs. Arduino is a circuit board to control basic things that can be used to control motors, lighting, cameras and even simple robots. Arduino created software that simply required connecting the board with USB and clicking a button to upload your code to the microcontroller. The Arduino is open source and Arduino software is by far one of the easiest programming experiences you will ever have.

Perfect choice to learn Electronics & Programming

Arduino is perfect for children to learn about robotics principles and programming. As technology advances the skills required to understand and implement it also becomes more challenging. This is why it is important to apply what is learned to real-life applications.

Easy to Program and cool!

One reason to get into Arduino is that it can be used to implement many cool things. They can range from simple projects like a basic series circuit to complex projects such as a measuring device, musical projects, motor control projects, traffic lights control projects.

Starting to learn Electronics:

The Arduino board allows the user to send an “input” like and turn it into an “output,” which is anything the board can do or control.