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What is Microbit?

Microbit is a mini computer that children can use for all kinds of things. It is a mini computer developed and made for children after the age of 10. The goal is to teach children about mechanics, electricity, technology and programming. The Microbit has a small screen, two buttons and a number of sensors that ensure that children can work on small-scale but didactic projects. It could be something as simple as a die (shaking the Micro: bit will pop any number of eyes on the screen), or a pedometer. How about a burglar alarm?

All you need to get started is the small Micro: bit with the short cable that fits right in your pocket and a laptop. On the website of the makers, children can program the Micro: bit with colorful blocks.

Expansion options are endless. Thanks to the extra pins, everything can be connected to the Micro: bit. For example, a battery for the burglar alarm! Then it does not have to be tied to the laptop. Wires, speakers, microphones, fans, anything is possible.

Your child will learn programming, testing and critical thinking by putting the program they have written on the Micro: bit and trying it out. What if it doesn't work? Then we have to look back and find where things go wrong.

Micro:bit Experiments Box

This is a box where the Micro: bit can be connected in an easy way. Then your child can use the connected parts, including colorful LED lights, a fan, thermometer, light sensor and a rotatable button! Each part is customizable and controllable. The parts can also be used together. It then becomes very simple to make an automatic air conditioner, for example, or that the lights switch on automatically when it gets too dark! Your child will learn more about electricity. This part also needs a little more theory, but thanks to the clear layout and the interesting parts, your child can already explain how electricity works in a few lessons. They also learn how everyday electronic devices are programmed and how they work.

Micro:bit MoveMOTOR

The extensions are also available in sets. This set gives the Micro: bit two wheels and a color and distance sensor. This way we can make a line follower that doesn't bump into anything, for example!

Micro:bit + Scratch

A connection can also be made with Scratch. The Micro: bit can then be used as for example a controller can be used for a self-made game!