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What is Mind Designer?

Mind Designer is an educational robot that helps your children develop their math and arithmetic intelligence. With mind-designer, children will also be introduced to the world of coding and design. Coderminds aims to be a pioneer in meeting children with robots and the coding world from the developmental age and to make them aware of the age they are in. Mind Designe is a great robot for that! Mind Designer is specially designed to execute all given voice commands. Mind Designer is used with an application that can be easily downloaded from Android and IOS stores so that children can use it easily. It makes coding with colored block codes very enjoyable, and children love colored code blocks.

Can Draw

With colorful code blocks, children can draw many shapes from the simplest to the most complex on the robot with a robot pen's help. They will develop their logical thinking capacity while completing challenging mazes that will assign tasks to the robot using the game board!

Mental and Logical Development

Mind Designer is the perfect kit for your kids' mental and logical development!