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What is Wonder Cue Robot?

Wonder Cue is an interactive robot which is designed for students who have an interest in coding. Wonder Cue helps students to learn the infrastructure of computational thinking by block-based programming and also, it can transform block-based programming to text-based programming which helps students to understand more about computer science.

Wonder Cue robot has challenges and tutorials on the app and also we serve many challenges that students need to try to solve the problems by thinking analytically. Wonder Cue robot has many robotic capabilities such as distance sensor, moving both head and robot itself, voice recording and color changing features that students can program to pass the task that they encounter. These features make cue robots react to surroundings in real time. This robot is one of the best devices that contributes to the development of students in programming.

Best For STEAM education

With programming, Wonder Cue prepares the student for STEAM (SCIENCE, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) education, which is directed by the world. It is the most beautiful form of education that combines robot programming, coding and STEAM education.

Analytical Intelligence Development

The Wonder Cue robot contributes to the analytical intelligence of the student. Analytical intelligence is very effective not only in programming but also in generating solutions to many problems encountered in life.


Cue robot is compatible with many different kits. For example, you can draw with Cue. You can program the Cue robot to draw and combine it with Lego to create something new, or the student can solve problems in a different way, depending on the creativity of the student.

Computational Thinking

The steps taken by the student in solving the problems he / she encounters will contribute not only to his / her lessons but also to solving the problems he / she encounters in a logical way.

Sketch Kit

Wonder Cue Sketch Kit helps students express their creativity. With the help of that students exercise their critical thinking as they draw patterns, words, geometric shapes and more.