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What is Lego WeDo?

Lego Education WeDo 2.0 has been developed for group primary school students 4 to 7 with the aim to increase their interest in science and technology stimulate. This is done through the use of motorized LEGO® models and simple programming.

WeDo 2.0 is a practice-oriented learning solution that provides students with insight of development, dare to ask questions and learn how to answer questions and solve problems from everyday life. The students gain knowledge by asking questions and solving problems. This material does not provide students with everything they need to know. Instead they are encouraged to ask themselves what they already know and to consider it discover what they don't yet understand.

Scientific and technical skills are being developed

Asking questions and defining problems.

Develop and use models.

Planning and conducting an investigation.

Analyze and interpret data.

Using arithmetic and computational thinking.

Coming up with explanations and developing solutions.

Argue based on evidence.

Obtaining, assessing and passing on information.