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What is Scratch?

Scratch allows children to program their own interactive stories, games and animations. Scratch is a programming language that uses colorful blocks with readable programming language so that children can easily learn to program. The points that Scratch focuses on ensure that children challenge their creativity, learn to work systematically and learn a variety of other skills that will be of great use in the 21st century.

Analytical Intelligence

Scratch contributes to the student's analytical intelligence. Analytical intelligence is not only very effective in programming, but also in generating solutions to many problems that arise in life.

Curricular Activities

Scratch can be used as combining with the student's own school lessons.

Learning vocabulary

Scratch helps to learn the words used in programming.

Easily Shareable

Students' games can be easily shared with family and friends.

Unlimited Sample Project

Hundreds of fun and educational projects can be found on the Scratch website. Children can play their own games, which they have made themselves, as well as those of others. In this way they also learn to share inspiration with others and to see what they can improve on their own game.