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What is Dash's Neighborhood?

Dash’s Neighborhood can be programmed in a 3D environment and students can develop themself as like they play with robots in real-world . Students will love exploring their own online Dash in Dash Neighborhood 3D Environment while building coding literacy.

Virtual World

Since it solves many problems by programming virtually, it contributes to the students' preparation for today's online world.

Best For STEAM education

With coding, it prepares the student for STEAM (SCIENCE, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) education, which is directed by the world. It is the most beautiful form of education that combines robot programming, coding and STEAM education.

Analytic Intelligence Development

The Dash's Neighborhood virtual robot contributes to the analytical intelligence of the student. Analytical intelligence is very effective not only in programming but also in generating solutions to many problems encountered in life.

Computational Thinking

The steps taken by the student in solving the problems he / she encounters will contribute not only to his / her lessons but also to solving the problems he / she encounters in a logical way.